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Illustrated Maps

Want to see the world from above in an exciting and playful way? Thanks to the illustrated map this can be achieved with graphical presentations, which allows you to experience the world as if you were flying over it. Our bird´s eye view illustration technique is a skillful mix of art and information. Although you´re stuck on the floor, an entire world will open to you with the illustrated maps, through geography and architecture. A custom map illustration is the ideal way to express your brand – through color, style and position.

3D Illustrated Maps

Our Map Illustration Services include custom illustrated maps, and bird’s eye view map illustrations of your business, campus, or fantasy. The Style of the Map can be picked by our clients. An Illustrated Map is the result of handmade art. To create the illustrated map, an artist designs with reference materials, pencils and ink so we can have a desired effect of the concepts and reference points. The footprint produced is combined with electronic watercolor-based painting techniques. By putting together pencil, ink, and electronic styles, the map illustrator can integrate traditional hand-rendering richness paired with unique state-of-the-art digital techniques.

The original hand drawings or illustrations are combined with technology and they are produced in layers and groups within the software. The capacity to group and sort the illustrative map results in the modification of the map, alteration, update, and even segmentation to address specific client needs both now and into the future as well.

2D Illustrated Maps

Bird’s eye view illustrated map is absolutely beautiful and operational. Finding specific locations, comprehensible directions and giving constructions effectively is often easier using a traditional 2-dimensional illustrated map. In a 3-dimensional bird’ s-eye view illustrated map, some of the illustration’s larger factors may overshadow smaller ones, making them less operational than a less complex 2D version of the same area.

Three-dimensional illustrated map is exceptional for navigating by landmarks and perceiving the visual nature of an area. More experienced users will generally choose the grid-style map that represents blocks and streets without adding height and dimension elements. By offering both versions of a particular map, you’ll be sure to attract to all sorts of users and thrill the broadest audience possible.

Our illustrated maps services include – in both 3D and 2D illustrated versions – the creation of digital files. This technique makes it easy to fit the formats to any use, including printed materials, electronic versions, or even fully interactive functions.

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