Cutaways Maps

Unique Cutaways Maps

A cutaway map illustration, also called a cutaway diagram is a 3D graphic design, map and illustration together. The elements of a surface of a 3D model are selectively removed to make internal features visible without sacrificing the outer context.

When we think of any simple map, we try to think of outdoor areas, but the illustrated map shows the landscape more realistic and the streets of a city or state more vivid. Anyone wandering around a large office building or conference center can tell you how difficult it is to find the destination they want without a visual guide, such as a cutaway map illustration.

Architectural Cutaway Illustration

The architecture of the illustrated interiors allows you to see the most important areas. Through the perspective of an illustrated map, you can see the exterior of the space and the features of the interior.

A photo allows us to see a flat version of a building. We can see the walls and the exterior architecture. But an illustrated map will allow us to bring this flat vision to the third dimension, seeing the angles and the beauty of the space. The artist can present the basic elements to highlight the design and the corners, the best features of an exterior building.

But often, the interior of a building is just as beautiful or even more beautiful than the exterior. How do you demonstrate high ceilings and stunning details? With great attention to design and detail.

Interior Cutaway Map Illustration

By illustrating the interior, you can not only show the visitors how to get from one place to another, but you can also show them the reasons why they should visit a place. Also, someone can see what can enjoy before moving from one place to another.

Through cutaway map illustration, you don’t have to choose the interior or the exterior showcase of a particular space. You can do both. First, visitors see the basic features of the buildings and open spaces. The architectural interest and the special attention to detail are the parts of the cutaway map illustration . It is truly a rich, complete experience in a single illustration.

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