City Maps

We Offer Unique Perspectives to Traditional Maps

Looking at the floor plan of a city is amazing. That’s why we enjoy looking at the view from the plane.

Illustrated maps of a city or landscape create the same effect, with the only difference that they work without overcrowding for a window seat.

Map illustrations give a unique perspective. Usually, we show the best features of a city and in this way you will see an area well shaped in scale.

3D Maps: Three-Dimensional Approaches to City Map Illustrations

Usually, a simple map shows important facts and directions. For this reason, creating illustrated maps is considered an art, due to the representational details and the vividness it offers on the map.

Most of the time, a professional artist uses images of a city or location. To begin with, the artist creates carefully captured details and then adds the elements that enliven this area.

Illustrated Maps Inspire Creativity

Illustrated maps can reveal several secret locations. First, you can see the towers and cathedrals, as well as the football field of the nearest university. In addition, you can see various details, such as the curves of the hills or taller buildings that stand out. This way you will see the sights of an area.

Illustrated campus maps create a true vision of your campus or city. Consequently, you can impress your visitors and this way they can see why and how to follow your travel tips. Next, create a map that is beautiful and easy to use. Finally, you can display it in all your advertising material.

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