Campus Maps

Illustrated Maps of the Campus

Enthusiasm for the college campus is part of the university experience. Through the illustrated maps of the campus, it is easy to share the positive aspects of college.

A simple map technique is two-dimensional, however, the design we provide for the campus map is in three-dimensional version. As a result, sites stand out by adding dimensions and artistic elements, making them more vibrant and real.

Campus Bird-eye View Maps

Colleges offer many benefits to new students. One of them is the campus map, which includes the campus plans through the bird’s eye view. For the most part, the maps of a campus with bird’s eye view are simple. Therefore, a student can use these maps to travel easily.

Unfortunately, standard campus flat maps are quite simple, so students are not thrilled with campus. However, college illustrations are a powerful tool. First, they showcase the buildings and then highlight the architecture of the college through graphic designs.

Showcasing Campus Map Illustration

Sometimes, the 3D Campus Maps becomes large-scale artwork. It is impressive how many details can someone see by looking at the campus map. For example, a student can navigate more easily  through the illustrated map and see the routes he or she can take from the university restaurant to the classrooms.

We will be happy to create the illustrated map of your school or business. This way, your guests will enjoy a colorful panoramic view of the area.

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